How to Fix Damaged MOV Files

Fix Damaged MOV FilesMOV is popular video format for storing videos, it is usually compatible with QuickTime and other media player too. Although this format provides several good features that is why it is also used in different digital devices. However sometimes because of several reasons corruption occurred in these format makes the MOV file refuses to play and you may lose the important videos. Whatever the causes of damaged in file once losing the access of it really creates panic situation for you. Many seem after the file lost it is impossible to recover it again but that is wrong because you can repair damaged mov video files with ease.

Fix Damaged MOV Files       Fix Damaged MOV Files

Reasons Behind MOV Files Damaged

Interruption while file transfer.
Due to damage in MOV file header.
While trying to play video in unsupported player.
When the recording to be done with infected media etc.

Apart from these there could be some more reason in mov files damaged, you would experience unexpected situation including picture freezes, picture without sound, sound without picture and pictures struck. So you should look to fix damaged MOV files.

Solution to Fix Damaged MOV Files

Fix Damaged MOV FilesIf you are feeling helpless after the lost of MOV videos due to corruption then do not worry because MOV video recovery software recovers damaged video effectively. It has cutting edge scanning technology which makes the recovery very simple. This tool gives you complete solution for restoring of corrupted videos. It provides the full recovery of corrupted videos within just few steps, there is no requirement of technical expertise for operating this software thus whether you are a novice or professional you can easily repair .mov files using this tool.

Some Noticeable Features of MOV Video Recovery Software

Recovers the damaged or corrupted MOV files efficiently.
Safe and reliable tool for restoring.
Allows preview of files before and after repairing.
It has easy to use interface.
Supports different digital cameras etc.

Steps to Fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 1: Download MOV video recovery software first then install it. Launch the tool after connecting the device.

Fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 2: Now you need to click at ‘Start scan’.

Fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 3: Once the scanning ends scanned items are displayed as listed from where choose the files to be recovered.

Fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 4 : After completion of repairing process repaired items list is appeared with preview.

Fix Damaged MOV Files

Step 5: At last you have to press at ‘Recover’ option for storing recovered items in desired destination.

Fix Damaged MOV Files

Fix Damaged MOV Files      Fix Damaged MOV Files

Prevention tips

Avoid using unreliable tool for compression of MOV files.
Do not use camcorder for recording videos which has faulty firmware.
Prevent certain power failure in system.

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